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 Good Friday to you! Good Friday to you! I hope you can tell by my mood; I am glad you are here. Thanks for stopping by for Friday’s craft and chat. All this week, I have chosen; not to worry about what is happening in my crazy world and to carve out a little piece of happiness in it. Guess what I plan to take you with me. I brew a pot of coffee, and I have a tray of McDonald’s blueberry muffin and, we are going to have fun. If you are watching your weight, this is your cheat day. Yes, McDonald’s muffin is good hot with butter. No, McDonald’s is not paying to say there are good. Please do not think I am God cause I do not, but if I could create a world, there would be sweets for all, and no matter how much you eat, you will be healthy and barbie thin. You can tell this is a fat girl’s dream. Being everyone is full of sweets; there is nothing but love and kindness for all. 

     Thanksgiving is coming soon. I love Thanksgiving because of the food, family, and Black Friday’s shopping. Last year, I decided for years I fought the weather and the crowd for my children, so it was their time to go Black Friday shopping for me. I could not just give them my list; I had to set up a command station in my living room. I had the store maps, cell phone, house phone, pen, paper, laptop( just in case I could get the deals online). I feed them Thanksgiving dinner at three o’clock cause the sales started at six. You see, my children would stop to find food instead of my sales if I did not feed them, and that was not happening on my watch. Plus, dinner at three o’clock gave them time to take a nap before I throw them out to the wolves. I had such a great time calling them and checking on them. This year we are having a virtual Thanksgiving with a twist. Since it is not wise to be together, we are going to cook our favorite dishes and make one for each household. For example, my sister makes mean Sam’s club pies. If you have not figured it out, she not the chef of the family, but she can buy the best pies and rolls. Dinner will be at four o’clock since most of the stores are closed. We will play games online in the House party app after dinner. I am looking forward to having a safe and fun Thanksgiving.



Crafting Steps


 We are going to take a break from making Christmas cards. I received two cards in the mail yesterday from two dear ladies who heard I was having some difficult times. Today’s card will be a thank-you card to them. It is so special when someone takes time out to tell you how much they care for you. Now that we know what kind of card we are going to make, it is time to design the card. I was not ready to give up on the Fall colors, so my base is a wine color. The base measure 5 1/2′ by 8 1/2′ scored at 1 3/4′ and 6′. The layers are mossy green and white. The mossy green card stock measures 3 1/4′ x 4 1/2′, and the white card stock measures 3 1/2′ by 3 3/4′. The inside white card stock measures 4′ x 5 1/4′.Stamp and image of a flower onto the white card stock that measures 3 1/2′ x 3 3/4′.Fold the fold lines with a bone folder.Layer the white stamped card stock onto the Mossy green card stock.Round the right-hand corner with a corner round.Stamp an image of a flower in the bottom left corner of the inside white card stock.  Add a sentiment at the top of the inside card stock and attach it to the base.Take a leaf stamp and some spiced marmalade distress ink and stamp around the front of the card base.Tie some string or rib around the green and white card stock and tie a bow on it. Attach the green and white piece to the front of the card base.





Word of the Day

The word of today is heaven. I have always wanted to go to heaven but have never really understood heaven. The more I think about heaven, the more questions I have about it. I had questions like, is heaven really a real place? Then my mind would think, will there be work to do in heaven, or will we sit idly by on a cloud singing. That thought scares me because I can not sit still, and my singing is like a cow being shot in the foot, not good. Will there be fellowship with our friends? Will we be able to fellowship with God and His son Jesus? Will we be able to ask Them questions about our life on earth? The list goes on. I wish I could tell you I have all the answers to these questions, but I do not. I know if we need to know the answers, they can be found in God’s Word, the Bible. My goal is to find the answers before Christmas. I also think knowing the answers to these and many more questions can have a great impact on my life here on earth. Well, have a great weekend, and if you know any good books on heaven, please share. Please find time to craft and create this weekend. I will also like to thank you for stopping by.


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