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      Welcome to Highlight Monday! I glad you decided to join me. I hope our time together will be encouraging as well as informative. Today is a two cup of coffee type of day. I am going to grab a cup and start.
     If deciding to take the covid vaccine is not enough to make our head explode. We now have to decide to take one shot or two. We have to deal with putting our names on lists so that we can even receive the vaccine. Have we brought into a false hope in the vaccine that some people are willing to do anything to get the vaccine? I feel like we are on a scroll wheel chasing after this vaccine. Am I the only one who thinks like this vaccine is not the end to this mess?
     It is time to grab another cup of coffee and meet in the craft room for Highlighted technique.

Crafting Steps

     Today we will be looking at second generation stamping verse stamping. We will look at what it means to do second generation and stamping. I will show the ways we use both an example of two cards with the two techniques. Let’s get started.
     The second generation stamping is when you apply ink to a stamp and then stamp it on a scrap piece of paper before stamping it on your project. Cardmakers use the second generation stamping to make backgrounds and to add shadows to a project. Here is what a Second generation stamping looks like:

Rwo Stamping Techniques

     The stamping technique is where you put ink on a stamp and stamp it directly on your project. Unlike the second generation stamping, a stamped image is crisp, bold, and very clear. A stamped image is the focal point of the card. Here is an example of a stamped image.

Two Stamping Techniques

     Now let’s see how these two techniques look on a card. The card will be a two-layer card, with the two stamping techniques applied to the second layer. We will start with a black card base measuring 41/4′ by 5 1/2′. To make a background, I will be using the second generation stamping technique on white card stock, and a focal point will be a black stamped image. 

Word of the Day

     The word of today is a Name. I came across a song by Tasha Cobbs Leonard called, He knows my name. This song has brought me so much comfort. It reminded me that Jesus knows my name, and He calls me one of his own. In the song she sings, he walks with me, and he talks with me. The part that brings me comfort comes in knowing that He wants to spend time with me. I have a dear friend who wants to spend time with me no matter what the cost is. Since Covid, we only have been able to talk on the telephone, and it is about to kill us because, before Covid, we would eat lunch with each other often and spend time just visiting. One day we were in a restaurant eating and talking. We must have been there for hours just talking about everything. That a friend came up to us and asked had solved all the problems of the world yet. Time stands still when we are together. Just thinking, not only does He knows my name, Melinda, He wants to spend time with me and remind me I am His. What a comforting thought!
I have enjoyed our time together today. As I am saying, goodbye remember to be safe and find time to craft and create this week.

Friday Craft and Chat
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