Is All Stamps Equall!

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   Welcome to highlight Monday! I hope you had a great weekend with Valentine’s day. Today is cold and snow is on the ground with more snow forecasted to come later today. I know watching the snow out of the window and very thankful that I do have to go out in it. I pray that everyone who has to go out will be safe. Living in Arkansas we are not used to such low temperature and snow. People that are used to such conditions are laughing at us being afraid of a little snow. It is what you are condition to that matters. For all the people that wanted snow for Christmas, I guess you ordered through Wish caused it came for Valentine’s day, you are two months late but things always take longer when you order it through Wish and you never know what you going to get.
     Today is a pot of coffee type of morning so let me grab a cup and meet you in the craft room for Highlight Monday.

Crafting Steps

Is All Stamps Equal
Is all stamps equal

     Today we will be comparing the quality of stamps. We will be looking at the quality as well as the price. We will look at samples of each stamp to determine what stamps are the best quality. I also will be making a card of the stamp I feel is the best. When I first started crafting I started with stamps on wooden blocks. Then, I started investing in cheap clear stamps. I graduated from the cheap clear stamps to red rubber or photopolymer stamps and now my go-to stamps are from a company called Altenew. Altenew is not paying to promote its stamps because once you used them you will be sold. I also use stamps from Catherine Pooler Designs, Elizabeth Craft Designs, Hero Arts, Jilliben Soup, Sizzix, and Spellbinders. I will be using just a few of these company stamps for our comparison. The price range will be from dollar stamps to the higher end stamps that cost as high as twenty-five dollars. I can not express it enough to always buy your stamps on sale and use any coupons or free shipmate to keep the cost down. Mainly I work my cards around stamps I have on hand that will save you a lot of money. I know this Highlight Monday is geared to beginner crafters, it is all right to bypass this part and check out the card and the word for today. I am aware different ones check out different things on my blog.

     The first type of stamps we will look at is the clear stamps. Clear stamps take up less space to store. The first stamps we are going to look at are some of the first stamps I brought when I started crafting. These stamps were clear stamps and easy to use. I paid a dollar to two dollars for these stamps and they were usually 2′ by 4′.They were very limited in different themes. Here is an example of it stamped on medium card stock.

    The next group of stamps is the middle range in price. They cost around seven dollars. I invested in these stamps because they were larger and most had matching dies. These stamps allow me to use them alone or in groups. They also came in different themes. This group had sentiments that are fun to add to cards. Here is an example of it stamped on medium card stock.

     The high-end group of stamps can run you from eight dollars to thirty dollars. These stamps come out crispy and the image is very clear. They are easy to use as well. You can get larger 4′ by 6′ stamps as well as groups of small stamps that will make a larger stamp. The themes are unlimited. You can buy their matching dies. The sentiments come in a variety of sizes as well. Here is an example of it stamped on medium card stock.


     Let look at wood stamps. Wood stamps stamp easy because you have a woodblock. Even though the wood box helps you to hold it, it also stops you from stamping straight because the woodblock is in the way. Woodblock stamps come in a variety of sizes and themes. They are hard to store. The price range is two dollars for the smaller size to sixteen dollars for the larger size. Here is an example of it stamped on medium card stock.

     The last type of stamps is red rubber and the photopolymer stamps. They are thick and red stamps. They cost from ten dollars to as high as thirty dollars. You can find them in different sizes and themes. The stamped image is good and clear. Here is an example of it stamped on medium card stock.



     Above you see a card using all the types of stamps we talked about today.


Word of the Day

      The word of today is ACCEPTANCE. This morning I was listening to the radio and they were talking about acceptance and that was what was wrong with the world. It caught my attention mainly cause I disagree with why they said we should accept everyone. I feel it is a thin line and one that we should be careful of. I not talking about race and gender. I talking about the acceptance of the behavior of people. One person even said that God accepts us why shouldn’t we. I beg to differ, God does not accept all of our behaviors. I feel He loves us but all through the Bible, He says we should act different and talk differently so the world would know who we belong to. I love the man and can not accept man’s behaviors. That does not make me perfect cause I make a lot of mistakes. Some behaviors are unacceptable just watch the news.
     I have enjoyed my Monday with you today. I pray that everyone will be safe and warm. These snow days are a great time to craft and create.










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