The Perfect Pearl Technique!

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     Welcome to Highlight Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday in Arkansas we had bad weather but it was great sleeping weather so I am well-rested. Today’s highlighted technique has been around a long time and it is using Perfect Pearl. We will be looking at a few ways to use Perfect Pearl in card making. I am going to grab a cup of coffee because coffee always tastes better with friends. See you in the craft room in a few.

Crafting Steps

Perfect Pearl techique

      If you are an older crafter you may have some Perfect Pearl in a drawer somewhere. If this technique is new to you the cost of Perfect Pearl is very affordable. You could also use eye shadow power from the dollar tree. I must admit it is a technique I do not use much because it can be messy and I just forget I have it.  Perfect Pearl comes in a variety of colors. It comes in a fine powder. It can be used on white and dark card stock. Here is what it looks like:

      We are going to look at six ways we can use Perfect Pearl in card making. The six ways are the regular way to use it, using it with a stencil, multi-color, Perfect Pearl Resist, Water coloring with it, and Perfect Pearl as a spray. It is easy to set Pearl Pearl so it does not rub off. You set by lightly spritz with water and fan in the air a couple of times.
      The first way we going to use Perfect Pearl is how it says to use it. We will take a clear embossing ink and ink a stamp. Apply the stamp to a piece of card stock and then apply Perfect Pearl with a soft brush. Remove off the extra power and I brush with a swifter cloth. Remember to set it by spritzing with water. Here is how it looks:

      Using Perfect Pearl with a stencil is a funny way to use it. You lay a stencil down on card stock and then you apply clear embossing ink to the stencil, making sure you press down hard. Remove the stencil and apply the Perfect Pearl with a soft brush. Brush off the extra powder and then brush with the swifter cloth. Remember to set it by spritzing it with water.
Here is an example of this technique:

  Perfect Pearl comes in a lot of colors and can be added to an image just like we did with the first way. Once you stamp the image all you have to do is apply the Perfect Pearl. Here is what it looks like:


Perfect Pearl as a resist is when you apply the Perfect Pearl to a piece of card stock, then you apply clear embossing ink to a stamp then you lay the stamp down on the card stock that has the Perfect Pearl on it. Brush it with a swifter cloth. Set it by spritzing it with water. Here is an example of it:

     Perfect Pearl can be used as a watercolor. Just add water to the different colors of Perfect Pearl. Just like regular watercolor you can add it to the stamp image that is on a piece of watercolor paper. You do not need to set it. Here is an example:

      The last way we will use Perfect Pearl is as a spray. Just add Perfect Pearl to a spritz bottle filled with water. Shake well and just spray it onto the card to give it a shimmer. Here is it on the card I made for today:

Here is a look at the inside of the card:

     The only technique I did not like using the Perfect Pearl was as my sentiment. I feel it does not show up as nice. This way of using Perfect Pearl would be better as a background instead. I love how the card turned out.

Word of the Day

     The word of today is knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful tool if it is used right. If not used right it is wasted. People confuse knowledge with wisdom. Knowledge is knowing how to apply wisdom. If you have wisdom and do not have knowledge what good is it to have wisdom? Just to give you something to think about this week. Are we using wisdom and knowledge for the good of mankind? As we craft this week ask yourself do I have wisdom without knowledge? And how are you using your knowledge?
     Thanks for sharing your time with me this Monday. I hope spending time with me will start your week good. Please find time to craft and create but be safe until we come together again.






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