Masked Background!

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     It is Monday so it is Highlight Monday. I am so glad that you are here with me. How was your weekend? I hope you found time to craft and create. I know it can be hard to balance family life and crafting but I know it can be done. It is alright to have your me-time so you can be a great mother, wife, sister, and aunt.

    The highlight Monday was created so if you want to take your card making to the next level, I would give you the knowledge to do that. If you just want to know what is out there in the card world Highlight Monday is for you also. If nothing else, I hope you can see my growth in card making. I would love to see your cards as well. Sharing is caring.

     I am going to grab a cup of coffee and meet you in the craft room so we can work on today’s technique.


Crafting Steps

Masked Background!

    Pull up a chair because today’s technique is Masked background. The Masked background is a way to make designer paper. It requires you to use masking tape, matching stamp and die, and ink. This easy technique is a bold statement and brings your cards to a personal level.

     Enough talking let’s start the technique, we have to get our materials out.


Masking tape

Matching stamp and die


Stamp press

Big Shot

White card stock

Here is how it looks set up:


  1. Take the masking tape and die and run through the Big Shot machine.
  2. After you cut the masks out, arrange them on a piece of white card stock. Allowing some of the masked to hang over the card stock. This is how it looks like: Masked Background!
  3. Cut off the hangover masked.
  4. Now take different color inks and blend all over the masked card stock. This is the look you will get: 
  5. Remove the masks
  6. Put your stamp on a stamp press and stamp over the white image on the card stock. 

This is how it looks when we have finish:

Masked Background!

Word of the Day

     The word of today is living. For a year I feel like I have not been living. To be living means to talk a part of your life. When I went into lockdown I gave up living. With things looking better I need to take back my life and live. Are you making plans to start living? I hate that I have not been living and just existing. It is hard to get back to living when you have only been existing. I also hate that I have not taken full advantage of this time and the life God has given me. A good thing a change is going to come. No time is better than now.

     I am so glad you decided to be with me today, I hope your week will be safe. Please take time to craft and create.  





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