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        Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat! Easter is Sunday, and I hope you all will be safe. Let’s be mindful during this Easter that Covid is still out there. I am finding that I have become a lack lately. Washing hands and wearing a mask, I have got it down. It is the distancing thing that I find I am not doing as well. I am getting out and have enjoyed driving around since the weather has been great. Are you planning a big or small Easter gathering?
     This week the quote “let me count the ways” kept coming to my mind. Being the google queen, I looked up where it came from and what it means. Elizabeth Barrett Browning said in her sonnet. This quote is a well know quote. Is that quote always used the way Elizabeth Barrett Browning used it? Most of the time, I use it as like let me count my blessing. Do you use it, or does that quote ever pop into your mind? When you hear that quote is it like when you hear a song, and it gets stuck in your head because you heard it. Do we count the ways so much for the negative we can not see the good? Is it one of those things like Arsenio Hall used to say make you want to go “Humm.” I am going to leave you with those thoughts. What time is it, Coffee and craft time? Meet me in the craft room, see you real soon.

Crafting Steps

attempt at doing sercery card

     While I was getting my coffee, it occurred to me that I had no idea what the theme of the card was going to be. When I sit down in my craft room, it all came together. We are going to make a vacation card. You may have guessed it I am ready for a vacation. I love the beach, and I am longing to sit in the sand and watch the waves come in. Scenery cards are not what I usually make, but today we will. I can wait to see what we will create. First, we need to go through all my stamps that have anything to do with vacation. Here is what I have.
The next thing we need to decide is what kind of background we are going to have. Do we want a night scene or a bay with bright sun in the sky? The next decision we have to make is the color and size of the card base. Now we have all that together; we can now have fun arranging the stamps onto our card. After playing around with the arrangement, this is how it turned out.
Now is time to put the finishing touches on the card with coloring and texture. Once we have the finishing touches done, it is time to assemble the card and add a sentiment. Here is the card we made and the thought process behind it. I hope you enjoyed the time creating this card.

Word of the Day

      Drum roll now; it is time for the word of the day. The word of the day is fairness. Today the people in the world want fairness. Jesus told us there would be times that things are not fair. Do you feel you can miss your blessing if you are always looking for fairness in all situations? Things in life are not fair. The same is true that good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. If we waste our lives always looking for fairness in all situations, we will be disappointed. When we want fairness, are we just being selfish?
It has been great being with you today, and I hope you have a fun and safe Easter. Please find time this weekend to craft and create.  

Friday Craft and Chat
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