The third Card of My encouragement series!

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      I hope your week has been great. I also hope you have found time to encourage someone. I have found that when I encourage others, I am encouraged as well. It is funny how that happens. I hope you find the same thing happens to you.  

My week has been busy with me organizing all around my house. I found myself happy when some of the rooms in my house. That means I have to change things around. I have this saying my home needs to be Mel/Mel friendly. I am big on balance so, when things are not balanced, it makes me feel uneasy.  

Well, let me grab a cup of coffee and meet you in the craft room.


Third card to series

Crafting Steps

     The card we are making today is the third one of my encouraging series. I have enjoyed working on these cards with you. I only hope they inspire you to make more cards and send them to people.


8 1/2′ by 11′ light blue card stock

8 1/2′ by 11′ white card stock

Flower and leaves stamps

Blue, green, yellow, purple, orange ink

A small piece of acetate

Clear embossing ink

Black and white embossing powder

Heat gun


Watercolor brush


Everything will be okay sentiment stamp.



  1. Cut the light blue card stock down to 8 1/2′ by 5 1/2′ folding, it at 4 1/4.’
  2. Cut the white piece of card stock into two pieces measuring 4′ by 5′.
  3. Take one of the white pieces of card stock and stamp with clear embossing ink the flower and leaves stamps.
  4. Cover the whole surface with white embossing powder and heat set it with a heat gun.
  5. Stamp the different color inks onto the work surface.
  6. Add water to the ink to make it like watercolor.  
  7. Take a watercolor brush and color in the flowers and leaves.
  8. Take the piece of acetate and stamp the sentiment onto it.
  9. Take black embossing powder and apply it to the clear embossed sentiment, and heat set it with a heat gun.
  10. Next, glue the white-flowered cards stock to the light blue card stock with glue.
  11. Glue the other white piece of card stock on the inside of the card.
  12. For a finishing touch, take a pencil and put it into the different color ink and press where there is open white space to make dots.



Word of the Day

     The word of today is one value. After what is happening at the 2021 Olympics’ I am questioning if we know our value. And if we value other people. Do not get me started about how the delta variant. We must be more caring not just for our families but for everyone. Mental health and Covid are real. We all have known of someone who it has affected. It is time to remove our heads out of the cloud and call to action. It may just take only one of us to do something to affect the outcome. Let’s stop being the problem and help find a solution. 

     It is always a blessing to share my card and thoughts with me. The time we spend is the highlight of my week, and if this is your first time joining me, please come back. Please be safe and find time to craft and create until me meet again.







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