I am Human!

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      I am glad you are here with me today. How was your weekend? My weekend was very peaceful and full of time to reflex. I am afraid I was buying into the negativeness, and I never want to be like that on this blog. My blog is about encouraging and uplifting, but I am human and can make mistakes and go on a rant. I will not be apart of the problem. I not above anyone and never want to come across like I think I am. This blog is about crafting, sharing, and encouragement.

      Hopefully, before the end of the year, my new website will be up and running. My website will be craftingaftersixty.com. This domain is mine. By owning it, I am allowed to do more things on it. I will be able to add videos and anything I want to. I want to make this a place you want to hang out with me twice a week. As my interests grow and my life experiences grow, we can grow together.

      Let’s began by making a card. This morning is a two-cup coffee day. Meet me in the craft room after I grab my coffee.

       We are going to design a card today. I have an order for seven Christmas cards. These cards are going to giving to my client’s management staff. Since my client is young and professional, I would like her cards to reflex her. Her favorite color is purple. Let’s start by going through my paper stash to find some classy, professional Christmas card stock. We also have the option of making our own designer card stock. These are the pieces of card stock we will be using, not sure if we will use all of them.


Crafting steps:

We don't want the card to be busy with a lot of folds. I think a layer or two will give it the wow effect.
Here is the layout with the measurement:

I am human
I am human

Card stock used from my stash.

I am human

The finished card

Word of the Day

      The work of today is uplift. When we uplift someone, we put them above ourselves. Also, when we uplift someone, it makes us feel good too. Uplifting is really powerful. Let’s imagine for a minute a world with everyone putting other people above themselves. Thanks for spending time with me. Please have a good week. Take time to craft and create.

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