Gate Fold Birthday Card

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Welcome back to my blog; this Monday. I hope your Thanksgiving was good. We have one holiday down and another on its way. Yesterday, It was a blessing to see the excitement in my granddaughter’s eyes as her mother was decorating their home for Christmas. She was all over the place and into everything. It was a little frustrating for her mother, but her spirit and excitement were contagious. It made me want to decorate for Christmas. Christmas is for the little child in all of us. It started with the birth of a child and continues to be seen in every child’s eye this time of the year. Let the spirit of Christmas move you. 

I have a dear friend who is very careful, because of her age and the fact she does not want to fall. She has missed out on a lot of outings because of her fear of not falling. All that being careful still did not stop her from falling, and now she has to miss out on activities. When I think of Christmas coming and not being with my children and grandchildren, I wonder if to safe is worth it. I realize we should be safe, but all we have is this moment. What part of trusting God comes into our decision thinking. I know sometimes, I can think out of the box or overthink things but being around those family members that make you laugh is all about the holiday. I was wondering why did Thanksgiving seem like just another day, with all the blessings I had, and it all boiled down to the fact I was not around family and friends. Is fear going to stop me from enjoying Christmas and waking up with my grandchildren, or am I selfish cause I want my family around me on Christmas morning? There must be the right answer to my question.

Well, I do not know about you, but I am ready to make a card with you. Enough thinking and more doing. Let me grab a cup of coffee and meet you back in the craft room. 

I have two card designs in mind today. Not sure what design we will make, or if we are having fun, maybe we will make both. Both designs are Birthday cards. Here are both designs. Design number one is a gate fold card with a twist. The second design is a shaker card but a flat shaker card. There are upsides and downsides to a flat shaker card. One of the upsides is you do not have the thickness, and the downside is it does not shake a lot.

Crafting Steps

gate fold birthday card
Gate fold birthday card


  1. 5 1/2′ by 8 1/2′ card stock any color.
  2. An edge border die
  3. A 4′ x 5 1/4′ card stock coordinates with the 5 1/2′ by 8 1/2′ card stock
  4. 1′ by 11′ strip of card stock or vellum
  5. Balloon die
  6. Cake stamp
  7. Makers
  8. Glue 
  9. Gold Washi tape
  10. Rose Gold Embossing powder



  1. Score your 5 1/2′ x 11′ card stock 2 1/8′ on both ends. I find it easy to score it at 2 1/8′ on one end and turn the other end to 2 1/8′ on the score broad and score. This is your base and is a gatefold.
  2. Take your border die cut and run the ends through your die cutting machine, and set aside. Attach a piece of Rose Gold Washi tape on each end.
  3. On a scrap piece of white card stock, stamp, and color the cake that will go in the inside. 
  4.  After coloring the cake, cut it out and attach it to the card stock that measures 4′ x 5 1/4′.
  5. Glue the 4 x 5 1/4′ piece to the inside of the base.
  6. Attach two balloons on the inside right flap.
  7. Take the 1′ x 11′ piece of vellum and heat emboss Happy Birthday three times; this will make the belly band for the gate fold to keep it closed. 

Word of the Day

The word of today is Help! Today I was read all the prayer requests on Facebook, and all I could think of is we need help. Not just any kind of help but help from God. The God who knitted us in our mother’s womb. God, who knows how many hairs we have on our head. We are crying out to God, and I have to believe He hears our cries, and help is on the way. 

I know I have asked myself what can the purpose be for all this pain, loss, and suffering. My thoughts always come back to that the purpose may be to bring us back to Him. 

I decided to make the other card another time we are together. I will be sending my computer in to get fix this week. I am thinking of blogging once a week for December. Thanks for joining me, and be safe and find time to craft and create.

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