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     Hello, welcome back to my blog. It means a lot that you took the time to visit with me today. I hope you all are finalizing your Christmas plans. It has been hard for me to think about preparing for Christmas with all the sickness and death. Every time I open my Facebook or emails, I see many requests for prayer because of the sickness that is going on. It just breaks my heart and has me crying out to God for help. This coronavirus reminds me of my hurricane Katrine experience. What I mean by that is we all affected; no one could help someone else. One thing we can all do is be there for someone. 

 A few housekeeping, I would like to share. This month I will become live with my website. That website will be I am putting the final touch to it. For December, I will post on Friday for our craft and chat.


Crafting Steps


      I have a very dear friend that I have not been around in a while, and she loves snowman. She is the inspiration for today’s card. This card is a little bigger than we usually make, but this snowman is a big die; it needed a bigger card base. The card will be a Z fold card.


A piece of red card stock that measures 8 1/2′ by 11.’

4′ by 7′ white card stock

 A snowman, candy cane, stocking, and snowflake die

Embossing folder

4′ x 5′ light blue and white cardstock

Silver embossing powder

Red marker



  1.  Take the 8 1/2′ x 11′ red card stock and score at 5 1/2′ and cut it down to 7′; this will make the card base.
  2. Take the left side and fold it onto itself.
  3. Do all the die-cutting. Cut out one snowman, Five snowflakes, one stocking, and two candy canes.
  4. Glue the snowman onto a little blue piece of paper
  5. On the cutout or negative emboss snowflake with silver embossing powder.
  6. With pop-up dots, attach the negative over the snowman.
  7. Attach the snowman to the folded flap on the front of the card base.
  8. Ink up an embossing folder that says let it snow with blue on the white piece of card stock.
  9. Attach the white piece of paper onto the card base where it’s not showing.
  10. Glue the stocking, the snowflakes, and candy came to make a border all around the front of the card.





Word of the Day

     The word for today is meekness. This week, I have been reading about meekness. I was amazed to find that everything I thought I knew about meekness was wrong. I had the impression that meekness was the same as weakness. Being a strong woman being weak was not an option. To learn, it was four powerful things that were mind blowing. Let me share the four things meekness is:

  1. Power under control
  2. Forging my right to fill another’s need
  3. Serve rather than be, served
  4. Laying down our lives for others

     The one who shows us meekness was Jesus Christ. I would never think of him as weak. After studying about meekness, I feel a need to be meek.

    I have enjoyed our time together today. Please be safe and find time to craft and create.




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