Christmas Spirit!

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Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat! I am so glad you are here with me today. I do not know about you but, it has been hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit. I have tried several things to get me into the Christmas spirit. I have watched Christmas movies, putting up my Christmas tree, and wrapping a few Christmas gifts, nothing seems to get me into the Christmas spirit. I start cleaning for my daughter and her family, which I can’t wait to see, but I still feel not in the mood.
       This down feeling is very strange to me since I love Christmas time. I love the shiny bright lights, houses, and trees all decorated. I loved seeing the children’s eyes all shiny and bright, waiting to sit on Santa’s lap. This year we have Santa in a bubble, and little children wave to him outside the bubble. Instead of seeing shiny bright eyes, I see the confusion on their faces. I can only imagine how this will affect them.

     I have an idea, tomorrow night; I will go through town and see the Christmas lights. Fingers cross that seeing, the Christmas lights may be the thing that gets me in the Christmas spirit. I am willing to try just about anything at this point. If you could share some of the things you have done to get yourself in the Christmas spirit, I would appreciate it.

     The last few days, I have been cleaning up my craft room from all the projects and card making, I have been doing. Please take my word; it was full of little scraps of paper everywhere. I do not even want to talk about glitter. I do not know about you, but when I spend hours cleaning, the last thing; I want to do is to mess it up again. Part of the fun of crafting is the mess you make, another part is spending time cleaning the mess you made, and the last part is the beautiful things you make. I am going to grab a cup of coffee and meet you in the craft room.

Crafting Steps

Christmas Spirit

     Today we are going to make a gift card and a tag. This time of year, we all can use tags and a gift card or two.

Materials:1 6′ by 5 1/4′ red card stock

1 Designer Christmas card stock measuring 3 1/2′ by 5 3/4′

A 2′ circle punch

A white piece of card stock measuring 1 ‘ by 3 1/2’

A matching card stock that measures 1′ by 6′.

A die-cut of a Poinsettia.



Score the 5 1/4′ side at 3/4 on both ends

Score on 6′ side at 1 1/4′ by 3 3/4′

Cut off the squares at each and notch out a little of the tabs on the size

Glue the designer Christmas card stock to the red card stock

Fold all the scoreline and glue them with strong glue

Put the 2′ circle punch inside just a little and punch out a notch.

Stamp to and From on the sentiment strip

Round all the corners

Cut out the belly band

Wrap the belly band around the gift card attach it with strong glue

Attach the Poinsettia die-cut onto the belly band to hide the seam.

     Making tags are easy to make. One sheet of 8 1/2′ by 11/ card stock makes eight tags. Cut the 8 1/2′ by 11′ card stock into 2′ by 4′ strips. Cut off the top corners at an angle. Punch hole in the middle. Have fun decorating. Put a ribbon through the hole.

Word of the Day


The word of the day is guilt. Is it easy to forgive others and not yourself? I read that unresolved guilt produces ten things. 1. A feeling of estrangement and alienation. 2. Less fellowship in church 3. The forfeiture of potentialities. 4. A habit of constant self-criticism. 5 Effort of self-imposed punishment. 6. He will turn his guns on others 7. Will do away all joy in the Christian life. 8. Greatly affects our hope of heaven 9. The perpetually guilty are perpetually fearful. 10. It affects many mentally and physically. I am reading a book by James S. Woodroof called “Saying That Saved My Sanity. ” I felt like he was talking about me and my life. The best part Mr. Woodroof did not just list what it will produce. He explained why we should resolve our guilt. If you have an opportunity to read Mr. Woodroof’s book, please do. Have A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year she you after the New Year. Be safe, and I will see you soon. Please take time to craft and create.






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