Vision Board

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Welcome to Highlight Monday. The Highlight Monday is a new post that I started on my new website. On Monday, I will be sharing what is new out in the craft world. It could be a new product, an old product, or a new technique. We may highlight what is happening in our lives. 

The holiday season is over; I enjoyed family, the good food, and just sitting around laughing. I must admit I can’t wait to get my house back to normal and take time out for myself. 

I have never been a big New Year resolution type of lady. One because I never could keep them, and once I realize who was in control of my life, it seemed like a waste of time. In the last few years, I have made a Vision Board. A Vision Board is like a blueprint or a type of road map. I believe it goes along with God’s plan for us to have a vision or a plan. The reason, I think like, this is because God left us with a blueprint and, He leaves it up to us how to carry out the blueprint. Some people have vision parties. I always wanted to have one, but until today never did. Grab something to drink, and let’s have a vision party in my craft room.


Crafting Steps

First, we need to think of some goals we vision for ourselves. For example, I want to take a trip to Florida for my granddaughter’s graduation trip. Another example would be to learn how to cook healthier meals for two. One of my goals is to be more about being a peacemaker. I usually pick about five goals. My vision board is not for the whole year but six months. I find if I make fewer goals, it is easy for me to achieve them. I do not become overwhelmed. I love to set myself up for success.

After I figure which goals are the five I want to work on, I then find pictures of those goals. Now is time for the fun part. I cut and paste the picture onto a poster board. Here is where I do mine, a little different than some other vision boards I have seen. I set my board up like steps. I also know along the way, I will have some times I feel stuck so. I find a word or a verse from the Bible to help me through those times; your inspiration can be whatever will move you to hang in there. After I put down step one, I move on to step two. They can be worked on altogether or one at a time. I find a spot to put the vision board; so I can see it as a daily reminder. The video will show you how I made my vision board; I hope you will make one with me or pay back the video when you are ready to make one.

Word of the Day

Word of the day motivation. We must be motivated to do anything. I find if I share my goals with others, they will motivate me to finish. I always wonder why Jesus sent His disciples out in twos. I now think it was so they could motivate each other as well as many other reasons. If the experts are right, January will be a hard month for us with all that is going on. My hope is our vision board will be a tool that helps us to keep being focus during this month. We are all going through rough times. Whatever it takes to keep us motivated to keep on, let’s do it.

Thanks for joining me for my vision party Mel Mel’s way. Be safe, and I hope you will join me next time. Also, find time to craft and create. 



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