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Welcome, Friday’s Craft and Chat. I am so glad you have joined me. I am just recovering from holiday activities. It took me a few days to get back to normal. I realize the older I get it takes longer to recover from the holidays. I am the type of lady on New Year’s day; I take all my decorations down, and sometimes I even start shopping for next year’s gifts. Not this year, I did not get my decorations down until yesterday. I was overspending, so no shopping for me either. I would blame it on Covid, but it was just I was worn out. I wonder how much we blame Covid when things go wrong. I lost my keys, must be Covid, I have no money, must be Covid. Who or what will we blame when Covid is gone?
On a serious note, Covid is on everyone’s mind. Covid has affected our lives. Whether it is wearing masks, not going shopping, someone we know who has been sick with it, or someone we know has died. I am not sure if we will ever be able to erase the effects it has had. Now we have to decide if we should take or not take the coronavirus vaccine. I have my doubts about taking the vaccine. These doubts have nothing to do with science and more to do with what we do not know about the virus itself. I am in a wait and see mode. One thing I know I will not be first in line.
I have chated enough, so let me grab a cup of coffee and go to the craft room and make a card. I will meet you there in a few.







Crafting Steps

Word of the Day


     The Word of today is Merciful. I do not know about you, but I really did really understand the meaning of Merciful. I read where mercy triumphed judgment. It is so easy to judge then to show mercy. I say that, but isn’t that what we ask of Jesus. Please do not judge me but show me mercy; why can’t we show that toward others. Before I wrote this post, I was talking with my daughter and looking on the internet. I came across pictures of people who had tattoos all over their body, face included. My first response was that of the writer; it is no way these people are going to get a job. I made the mistake of saying it out loud, and my daughter was quick to tell me, mom, maybe they do not want a job, and why are you so judgmental. Boy, did it hit me like a ton of bricks over my head when she said that? Because I was thinking about my likes and dislikes, I was judging someone’s else actions. In this, cause I was quick to judge where my daughter was asking me to show mercy, boy do I need to be careful. I enjoy spending time with you, but it is time to let you go. Be Safe, and please find time to craft and create!








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