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       Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat! I hope your week has been a good one. I am so thankful that I took time off last week. It gave me time to regroup and rest. I also took the time to organize my craft room. My family thinks that is all I do is reorganize my craft room, and I do. I like things to be balanced, and when they are not then, I feel unbalanced.
I only have one word to say about what happened this week, and that is proud. Proud of the hope, respect, and the behavior of people coming together for what is right. I am a believer in free speech. I do not have to agree with what you say. I feel it is important to allow you to say it. Words are powerful, and we should be careful how we use them.
I had planned to continue to make Valentine’s cards today. Then I was challenged to make a card using a particular stamp. I changed gears, and we are going to complete the challenge today. Grab you something to drink, and meet me in the craft room.
The stamp that will be the focus of this card and challenge is a floral stamp from Altenew. This stamp is great to color or use some ink technique. The sentiments that are with the stamp I will use as well.   






Crafting Steps





A piece of white card stock

A piece of blue card stock

A piece of brown card stock

A floral embossing folder

A floral stamp set





  1. Take a piece of white card stock that measures 8 1/2′ by 11′. Score the card stock at 5 1/2′ and cut at 4 1/4′ for the card base.
  2. Take a floral embossing folder and a piece of brown card stock that measures 4′ by 5 1/4′, and run through an embossing machine.
  3. On a piece of little blue card stock that measures 3′ by 3′, stamp a floral image onto it.
  4. Color the floral image with markers.
  5. It is time to assemble the card. Attach the brown embossed card stock to the white base.
  6. Attach the blue stamped card stock in the middle of the brown card stock.
  7. Stamp thank-you onto the blue card stock and add a brown strip to finish off the card.







Word of the Day


     The word of today is healing. I am aware everyone doesn’t need healing. The ones of us that do let the healing begin. If you don’t need healing, this is a good time to help someone who does. It is going to take each one of us to do our part. Putting the pass in the past and moving on hand and hand. I read a story this week, and I don’t remember who wrote it, but the story was about a man who offered some hungry children in Africa a basket of fruit if they were the first to get to the fruit. The man thought each boy would out run the other boys to get to the basket of fruit. The man was amazed when he saw the boys stand hand in hand and went after the fruit together, making sure they reach the fruit together. Afterward, the man asked the boys why did they go to the fruit together. The boys decided to reach the fruit together because it was better to eat the fruit together than alone. If we go about healing together, everyone will win.
Have a great weekend, and I am glad to have this time to spend with you. Please find time to craft and create.







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