Cricut vs Go Press and Foil Machine

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        Welcome to Highlight Monday. I am glad that you have decided to join me this Monday. I do not know about you but the weekend went by very fast for me. I could use one more day of rest, how about you?
     The Highlight Monday is about me sharing a product or a technique used in card making. I will show you the product on a card. Today we will be comparing Cricut’s transfer foil and GoPress Foil machine. I like how foiling looks on cards. We will be comparing their performance, appearance, and cost.

Crafting Steps

Cricut vs Go Press
cricut vs Go Press

     Let’s start with Cricut’s transfer foil first. To do the Cricut transfer foil, you need a Cricut machine. Transfer foiling can only be done on a Cricut explore or a Circut Maker. It will not work with the other Cricut machine. To set up the foiling process is easy. It is important to have the foil tight. Use the tape that comes in the kit helps. The cost of the kit is 40 dollars. The kit includes needles, housing, and a few sheets of foiled paper. To order more foil sheets will run you from seven dollars to fourteen dollars, which makes this foiling a little pricey. You can choose between fine, medium, and bold needles, which control how your image will come out. You can only foil using Design space on a computer or a laptop. We have talked about the ease of using the transfer foiling and the cost. Now let’s look at how the foil looks on card stock.

This is how Cricut’s transfer foil turned out.

We will compare the two foiling side by side later.

     Now let’s look at the GoPress and foil machine. The machine costs around 100 dollars, and it comes with two dies. The foil rolls are around three dollars for three rolls. You will also need a big shot machine or any die cut machine like a big shot. To use the GoPress and foil machine, you have to turn it on and let it heat up. Then you add the die, the paper, and the foil with the shiny side facing you. Once you have heated it, then you have to run it through a big shot very slow. After you run it through the big shot, you peel off the foil, and you should have this.

cricut vs go and press

     Now is time to compare the two foilings. The GoPress machine can get uneven foiling if you run it through the big shot too fast. It works best if you run it through a couple of times. Compared to the Go Press, the Cricut’s foiling comes out right each time. I did find I had to play around with the different needles with the Circut to get the look I like. I can use dies I already have and embossing folders with the Go Press machines. The Go Press machine can do more than just foiling. I think I choose the GoPress over the Cricut.


Cricut vs Go Press



Word of the Day


The word of today is newness. Each day comes with its newness. We have to open our eyes and mind to see it. Things change every day, and we have to learn to change with it. When we wake, we should feel blessed that we will experience the newness the day has. If I have learned something from these times we are in is not to take anything for granted. You can be here today and gone tomorrow. Let’s be thankful for the newness a day brings.
I am glad you joined me, and I will end with be safe and find time to craft and create until we meet again.






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