Valentine Card Series 1 of 10

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Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat. I hope you all have had a great week and will also have a great weekend.  

   I need to apologize for getting Monday’s post off late. I was all excited that I had done a video, but for some reason, after working all day into the early morning, I could not get it to upload. My tech person has a two-year-old to take care of, so I could not get help from her. Adding videos will allow you to follow along while I am making cards. For now, I will have to put the videos on hold.

     The question for today’s chat is what age is too old to look for another partner after you have lost your spouse? In the last three months, a few of my friends have lost their spouses. These are the spouses they thought they would grow old with and be with to ripe old age. Now they find themselves alone and their children are grown with their own lives. Some of them have expressed to me it feels like they have died with the spouses. I also think it more acceptable for men to find new spouses than women. Let’s not forget that the dating game has changed. What happened to the times when your friends knew someone and introduced you to him or her. You would think after ten years of being a widow, I would know how to encourage my friends. I know how they feel not wanting to be a burden to our children. I find myself wanting to throw my hat into the dating circle at times. Please leave me a comment telling me what age is too old to look for love.

   I am going to grab a cup of coffee and meet you in the craft room.


Crafting Steps

Valentines card

Today’s card will be another card for my Valentine’s card series. I usually make cards that measure 4 1/2′ by 5 1/2′, but today’s card will be a 5′ by 7′ card.


8 1/2 by 11′ pink card stock

5 sheet of 6′ by 6′ designer card stock

Heart punch


Sentiment stamp

Lace ribbon

Gem hearts


  1. Cut the pink on the 11’side to 10′, and the 8 1/2′ side cut to 7′. Score and fold it at 5′. On the front side, cut off one inch. This is the card base.
  2. Take the six by six designer card stock and the heart punch and punch out five heats the same size.
  3. Take a piece of lace and attach it to the left-hand side to the front of the card base,
  4. Glue the hearts in a roll on the cut right-hand edge.
  5. On a piece of a white card stock stamp, “I love you with every beat of my heart.”
  6. Glue the stamped sentiment to the front of the card.
  7. Finish by decorating the hearts with gems.


Word of the Day

     The word of the day is darkness. Darkness, the polar opposite of brightness, is understood as a lack of illumination or an absence of visible light. One can not talk about darkness without talking about light. I have a friend in Nigeria, and from time to time, we talk on the phone. There are times we talk he will inform me that he is in the dark. When we first start talking, and he would mention that he was in the dark, I would think you forgot to pay your electric bill. He would laugh and say no, the government turned the lights off. My response was really! I always thought I would have light as long as I paid my electric bill, and the thought the government would put you in the dark was foreign to me. Another thing that was foreign to me was that he fine with being in the dark. There is no warning at any given moment the lights can go out in Nigeria. When darkness comes into our lives, it comes without warning too. Some of us can handle the darkness where others can’t. I am very uncomfortable in the dark. Darkness scares me. When I am home alone, I will put every light on in the house. I need to have lights on. Jesus is my light. I guess this last year has made me appreciate the light Jesus shines into my darkness. What or who is your light source when darkness comes in your life?

    Have a great weekend. Please find time to craft and create!










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