Brother’s ScanNcut machine vs Dies

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       Welcome to Highlight Monday! I am so glad you decided to join me today. If this the first time you stop, please come back again. If you are someone that has been with me on this journey for a while, thank you.
     This weekend all I could think of was my great country is grieving. Yes, a great country with all its problems. We do not seem to be able to move on. I know we all grieve in our own time. At some point, we need to move on. There is a process we must go through when we are grieving. The problem comes when we get stuck in that process. What I can see we are stuck. That can be the only explanation for the craziness we are experiencing and seeing. I hope this month, with Valentine’s day, we can let the thought of love help us move on.
     Speaking of moving on, grab something to drink and meet me in the craft room. It is time for us to move this blog on.

Crafting Steps

Brother's ScanNCut vs Dies

     Today we will be highlighting the Brother’s ScanNCut verse dies. Both are an investment. I have had my Brother’s ScanNCut machine for many years; it was a birthday gift. I wanted a Brother’s ScanNCut machine, so I could stop buying the dies. The dies that come with stamps set can be really pricey.

Let us take a look at the Brother’s Scan and Cut first. The model I own is two years old, and the cost was two hundred dollars. The new ScanNCut DX cost three hundred and forty-nine dollars. My model and the new model have the same features with a few upgrades. Both can scan, cut, draw and emboss. How the ScanNCut works is you stamp your image, and then you run it through the machine.

ScanCut vs diesHere is how it looks after it has scanned and cut it.   

     Die-cutting is where thin materials are cut into shapes using a die. The die-cutting machine I use is the Big Shot. The Big Shot costs around a hundred dollars, and the only other price will be for the dies themselves which, costs five to twenty dollars. There are two types of dies that you can buy steel rule dies and wafer-thin dies. Steel dies are thick and cumbersome. Wafer-thin dies are thin, small, and lightweight. They are three types of wafer dies, stand-alone, coordinating, nesting, shape, 3-D, cover, and layering dies.  


Stand alone dies
Shape Dies

ScanCut vs dies

Layer Dies/ 3-D dies


Word dies

Nesting Dies


Steel Dies


Cover Dies


 After comparing the two technique, I find that using dies are easier. I found there are fewer steps in using the dies than using the ScanNCut machine. Both techniques are a big investment.

Word of the Day

     The word of the day is relaxation. This weekend, I practice relaxation techniques. I felt that I needed less news, Facetime, and more relaxation. I would like to know what you do to relax. Let’s start this new month more relaxed.
     Have a great week. Thanks for spending time with me. Find time to craft and create.







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