To Honor Or Not To Honor!

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     Today is Friday, so welcome to my Friday Craft and Chat. I am glad that you are here with me today. I always look forward to our time together. Today’s topic is how do we honor people that have contributed things to make our lives better. Should we honor men? Is that honor wasted on men? How can we show honor to men but dishonor God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit? These thoughts come to my mind with people wanting to tear down statues and renaming buildings. We also need to look at the reason we are honoring them. The other side of this topic is the dishonoring of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. It has always amazed me how much we show honor to men who have done very little for us than God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Why is it easier to honor men than God?


Crafting Steps

To Honor or not to honor!

     Today’s card is another card from my Valentine’s series. Let’s start crafting. After losing my husband, Valentine’s Day was hard on me. I seem to miss him more. For the ones who this will be the first Valentine’s Day without their spouse, my heart goes out to you? Let’s support them on this day.


8 1/2′ by 11′ piece of white card stock

6′ by 6′ pink polka dot card stock

8 1/2′ by 11′ pink card stock

4′ by 4′ green card stock

A heart die

A rose die

A Sentiment word die, hugs

A piece of pink ribbon



  1.  To make the card base cut the white card stock down by cutting 11′ side to 10′ and 8 1/2′ side to 7′. 
  2. Next, we will do all of our die-cutting at one time. Take the pink card stock and cut out the heart, rose, and sentiment hugs. Cut out the stem from green card stock,
  3. Cut the polka dot card in half crosswise. 
  4. It’s time to assembling,

            1. Take the polka-dot in the left-hand corner on the front of the card base.

             2. Attached the Large heart cut-out in the middle of the front ca\red base.

              3. Attach rose and sentiment into the middle of the heart.

               4. Make a bow out of the pink ribbon and attach it to the stem.


Word of the Day

     The word for today is purpose. Where does one look for purpose, with the world being so confusing? Does our everyday situation dictate our purpose? Do you ever think so purpose changes with the different changes of your life? I sometimes wonder if I spent too much time chasing after my purpose. Once we are sure if there is a meaning in life, our purpose is easier to see. Let’s stop looking and start doing.

     I am glad we have had this time to be together. Please enjoy your weekend and find time to craft and create,  





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