Easter Card for 2021!

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     Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat. I am glad you are here with me today. So, pull up a chair, and let’s start chatting. Someone, please tell me why States are rolling back their masked mandates and opening the state up when people are still getting Covid and dying? Ask any fat person do you like to wear a seat belt and they will tell you, No! We wear them because the law says so and it saves lives. People are we going to take the advice of a politician over medical experts? Has Coronvirus caused us to not think? Wake up people and stop falling for this craziness that is going around. I care too much for mankind to want to see anyone sick or dead because they did not do the right thing, Yes wearing your mask is the right thing! How many have to die or get sick before we wake up? Everyone wants things to go back to the way it was, well tell that to someone who lost a family member. The way it was is gone for them and for everyone. If I hear another person say it is uncomfortable to wear a mask, I am going to say is it comfortable being dead. Is it comfortable being in the hospital alone with only overworked health care workers? It just blows my mind that people will throw away all we have learned for us to go back to be normal. I do not understand if you understand please comment below and show me why my thinking on the subject is wrong. Now that I am fired up and may have got you fired up, let’s grab something to drink and meet in the craft room so we can make our card for today.


Crafting Steps

Easter card 2021

    I do not know about you but these last few days of good weather have me wanting Spring to come and come soon. With that in mind, today’s card will be our first Easter card. I love the pastel colors that Easter brings.  


1. A piece of Pink card stock

2. A piece of white card stock

3. Embossing folder

4. Bunnie die

5. Happy Easter

13 Heat gun Sentiment

6. Stamp of Bunnie

7. Glue

8. Big Shot machine

9. Circle die

10. Pop up dots

11. Pink Embossing powder

12. Stamp and Die of Easter Egg 

13. Frame die


  1. Take a piece of 8 1/2′ by 11′ piece of white card stock and score at 5 1/2′ and cut it at 4 1/4′. This will be the base of your card.
  2. Cut a piece of pink card stock and cut it to 4′ by 5 1/4′. This will be the second layer of the card.
  3. Take the pink card stock and run it through a cutting machine with a floral embossing folder.
  4. Get a small circle die and position it onto the embossed piece of card stock and cut it out in two places. 
  5. Stamp out three bunnies on some scrap paper and die cut them out.
  6. Stamp, color, and cut out four Easter eggs.
  7. Arrange the bunny and Easter eggs inside of the circles.
  8. Attach the pink card stock to the white base.
  9. Cut out a frame die on a piece of white card stock.
  10. Heat emboss Happy Easter inside the frame with pink embossing powder.
  11. Attach the Sentiment between the two circles.
  12. Heat emboss Easter eggs to the cut out circles and attach them to the inside of the card.

Here is how it look put together:

Easter card 2021Easter card 2021

Word of the Day

     The word of the day is thinking! What are you thinking about right now? How often do you examine your thoughts? Do you let past experiences cloud your thinking? Do you let what is happening around you control your thinking? What I am asking is our you or someone or something else controlling your thinking. Do you ever think you not controlling your thinki ng? Am I controlling your thinking right now as you are reading this? Be careful what you allow in your thought because what you think is important. With that being said, I glad you spent a few of your precious minutes with me today. Please be safe this weekend and find time to craft and create.








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