Paper Napkin Transfer!

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       Please forgive me for posting this post a day later. Just before I was about to finish this post, I got a call that my sister needed me to take her to the doctor. Early yesterday morning she had fallen and need to see a doctor right away. So, I stop this post and rush over to take her. The doctor did not want her to be alone so I stayed with her until my grandson who lives with her came home for work. When I returned home I finished the blog and posted it. Please keep my family in your prayers we seem to be going through a lot lately. Here is the posted.

     Welcome to Highlight Monday. For those who may be new to my blog Highlight Monday is where I showcase techniques used in the card-making world. I am glad you are here with me. I also hope you had a great weekend. I decided to reorganize my house on a budget this weekend. I used things I had and things from the dollar tree. Talk about using my creativeness, I think I went out of the box. I must admit it was fun seeing the house be remade over. I am going to grab a cup of coffee and meet you back in the craft room so we can do our Highlight Monday technique.

Crafting Steps

Paper Napkin Transfer!

     Thanks for joining me in the craft room. Today’s technique has been around for years. You can find many videos on Youtube about it. The technique is called Paper Napkin Transfer. This technique is used in card making, junk books, and scrapbook. It gives the paper a texture like fabric. Let’s get to doing this technique. The following are the materials you need.




Plastic wrap

Cover for your table

Copy paper or parchment paper

Card stock


  1.  Take the backing off the napkin.
  2. Cut a piece of plastic wrap that is bigger than your card stock.
  3. Cut a piece of card stock that is 4′ by 5 1/4′.
  4. Lay the card stock onto your protected table.
  5. Add a piece of parchment or copy paper down.
  6. On top of parchment paper add the card stock and the plastic wrap.
  7. Now add the napkin.
  8. Put another piece of parchment or copy paper on top
  9. It is time to iron with a dry iron on dry for 1-3 minutes making sure you iron the edges.
  10. Let it cook and remove the copy paper and cut the extra plastic wrap off with your scissor.

This is what you have:

     Now it is time to add it as a background to the card. I also cut out a sentiment.  

     To assemble the card you need a card base that measures 4 1/2′ by 5 1/2′.  Add the napkin transfer card stock to the base. Last, add a sentiment on the napkin transfer layer.

This is how it turned out:

Paper Napkin Transfer!Paper Napkin Transfer!

Word of the Day

     The word of today is possibilities. Do you think your possibilities are limited to your abilities? If you think that is true why? If you think that statement is false why do you think that way? What are our possibilities? Who decides our possibilities for us? When I looked up the word possibilities on google it said,” the state or fact of being likely or possible, likelihood.” Some people live like they have endless possibilities. These are people who believe we are the authors of our lives and the content that is written in our life book is determined by our actions, our lives are a collection of unwritten stories. If life is full of possibilities why do we have such a struggle to reach the prize? These are things I just want us to think about. Is there a real right or wrong answer?

      Thank you for sharing your Monday with me. I hope I have encouraged you in some way. Please find time to create and craft this week. See, you on Friday.







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