Field of Flowers

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     Welcome to Friday’s Craft and Chat! I am glad you are here with me today. I also hope your week has been going well. So let’s start chatting.
On Wednesday, I got my first shot of the two-shot vaccines for the Coronavirus. The vaccine did not hurt until the next day. This day three, and I feel a little tired but nothing that I can not handle. Would I encourage anyone else to be vaccinated? I will not tell anyone what to do, but I will advise them to weigh the cost of taking it by learning everything they can. My sister was the one who encouraged me to go on and take the shot. After we took the vaccine, I asked what convinced her to take the vaccine. She told me if our 88-year-old father could take the vaccine, we could take the vaccine also. I finally realized being locked up at home and away from family and friends was not anything I wanted to continue to do. I still feel this vaccine is just one weapon we have to stay safe. I will continue to wear my mask and not gather in large groups. Once I have had all my vaccines, I have a long-overdue lunch date with a special friend. Is there someone in your life that you want to visit with that you have not because of Coronavirus? Tell me in the comment below.
     It is time to grab a cup of coffee and meet you in the craft room so we can start crafting.

Crafting Steps

field of flowers

     When I think of Spring, I think of flowers growing in the fields very colorful. Today, I will try to take that image and make it come true in the card we are making today. I want this card to be full of flowers but not so busy that it does not come together. I want it to look like we are looking out our window at a field of wildflowers. Let us cross our fingers that we can bring it to life.
     Let’s look at materials we have that can help us make this card. We will need card stocks in white and teal, stamps, stencils, different color inks, and a sentiment. Let’s dig through my stash to see what we have.

I will cut my card base first, which will be an A2 card base. We will get the card base by cutting an 8 1/2′ by 11′ teal card stock down by cutting it at 5 1/2′ by 11 and scoring it at 4 1/4′.

For the background, I will stencil flowers on left hand side. I will stencil it in light gray so it will fade into the card base.

Next, I will take a bunch of flowers and stamp and color them with bright colored markers. After coloring them, I will fussy cut them out.

I will stamp a sentiment on white card stock and attach it to the card base.

field of flowers

Inside I will cut out a white piece of card stock and at the bottom stamp a rose and color it.


Word of the Day

The word of today is nourishment. What are you nourishing your mind with lately? Since the Coronavirus; gave us a lot of time on our hands, I am afraid we did not take care of what we allowed into our minds. I hear so many people say how much weight they have gained because of the corona. I pretty sure all the Netflix, Hulu, Lifetime movies, and news reports, our minds are in overload. It is time to shed the not-so-good things that have entered our minds.

Thanks for joining me today. Be safe and find time to craft and create!






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