Bows And More!

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       Welcome to Monday Highlight! If this is the first time you stop by, let me give you a special welcome. I also hope you are encouraged by something in my blog. You are always welcome. If you one of the people who have been following me, I am so honored you are here. All of you are an encouragement to me. I only wish you will continue in my quest to a better card maker, mother, and friend. Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and join me in my craft room?

Crafting Steps


     Today I will share some of my struggles and how I deal with them.
Card making is not a cheap craft, so any way you can save money is a plus. Who doesn’t want to save money? One way I accomplish that is by making my embellishments out of my scrap paper. I gather my large punches and my scrap paper. I usually will turn on a movie and start punching. I also store them in a clear container so I can see them. By doing these two things save me time as well as money. I feel this is a great tip to share.
I love to add bows to my cards, and I have always struggled making bows. Why I was recovering, I watch a lot of videos on bow making. I am going to share what I learned. I learned two ways to make bows. Can you believe one is with a fork? If you are thinking no way, I am here to show you but first, get a kitchen fork. You now will need about 10 inches of ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the fork like in the picture below.


Bows and more
Now you have the ribbon wrapped around the fork, take the top back ribbon and bring it over to the front. The two ribbons will be crisscross over each other. Put the end you brought to the front of the kitchen fork, and run it through the middle of the kitchen fork and pull tight.Bows and more

Next, turn the kitchen fork around with the back of the kitchen fork toward you. The front ribbon brings it to the back and runs it through the middle of the kitchen fork, tying two ends in a knot. Pull the ribbon off the kitchen fork, and you have a bow.Bows

I have to thank Patsy Waggoner video help me to make a perfect bow.
     The second way I learn to make a bow is to wrap about a 10-inch ribbon around your two inside fingers. Pull one end of the ribbon ends under and through your fingers. Once you have done that, bring the same ribbon over and tie the two ends in a knot. Pull off your finger and straight to foam your bow. Here is the bow I made. Also, here are examples of some of the embellishments I punch out.

Word of the Day

      Usually, I end with a word of the day, but today I want to end with a thought of the day. Staying with the idea of different struggles, I would like to name a few struggles I have. My list is long, so bear with me. Weight loss, financial, emotional, physical, relationships, love, trust, contentment, self-love, spiritual, and rejection are a few struggles I have or had. I do not know when I have not struggled with a least one of these issues and more at one time. I hide my struggles in shame. I self-medicate them with food. Not feeling I belong anywhere. My struggles became who I saw myself. Few moments of relief only to do something to start the struggles tp began again. Afraid to ask for help cause being afraid people would see me as I saw me. You may be wondering why I am telling you all about my struggles, besides that confessing is good for the soul. I feel by sharing them may make some who are struggling to feel better. It is also encouraging to know we all struggle. Some of us hide them better than others. I am here today to tell you that you not alone. Another thought I have is why God did feel it was good for Adam to be alone? Why He wants us to meet together once a week to worship and fellowship? We have all learn through Covid; we can worship alone. Oh, does it makes us feel go to be around other believers. It is time, you and I break the chains that bind us. Let start by asking God for His help. If you need a little more push, please reach out to someone for help.
It is always nice to start my week out with you. It is like washing your clothes on Monday Because you know you will have clean clothes all week, same with being here with you. I know being here will cheer me up until we meet again. Please be safe out there. Also, find time to craft and create. 




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