Scraps Into A Card!

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      Welcome to Highlight Monday! I am so glad to be with you this morning. I finished my front porch this weekend so, I can post from it. It is so peaceful to hear the birds singing and fly around. I wish you could be out here with me. With this beautiful weather we are having, I plan to spend more time outside. Have you done any projects around your house? Please share what you have going on.

     How was your Mother’s Day? I had a great Mother’s Day with all my children showering with much love. I also got my first power tool which is a circular saw. The kids could not believe I want one but, I did. My dream is to build an outdoor kitchen for us to use with our grill.

     Even though I could lay in my hammock and enjoy this weather, it is time for us to go into the craft room. Why don’t you grab something to drink and meet there in one, two, three, now!

     Today highlight is more of a card than a technique. I have scrap paper laying around from different projects, today I will show you how to use those scraps to make a fun card.  


Scraps into a card

Crafting Steps


Scrap paper in different colors

White card stock measuring 4′ by 5 1/2′

A flower die and stamp

Clear embossing powder

Watermark ink

Rose Gold embossing powder


A small piece of mirror paper

Heat Gun



  1. Cut the scrap papers into strips.
  2. Glue the strips onto the white card stock.
  3. If there are any of the strips hanging off, cut them off.
  4. Stamp your flower stamp with watermark ink, and emboss with Rose Gold embossing powder.
  5. Take the flower die and cut it out of mirror card stock.
  6. Glue it to the striped layer.
  7. Take the whole layer strip and cover it with watermark ink and add clear embossing powder to it a few times. The card will have a glossy look.
  8. Attach it to the card base that measures 4 1/2′ by 5 1/2′.

Here is the finished card:

Scraps into a card

Word of the Day

     Today I will end with a thought for today. Lately, I have been pushing my comfort zone to make my new normal. I will encourage you all to find your new normal. We need to be responsible for our own lives. The new normal has to be right for you and your comfort zone. I do believe it will take time for you to figure it out. Let’s give ourselves the time. 

     Well I have had fun hanging out with you today and; I hope we can hang out again soon. Please be safe and find some time this week to craft and create. 







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