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     It is Friday, so it is Friday Craft and Chat! Let me welcome you that has stopped by to be with me today. I am very honored that you want to share some time with me. I am full of joy. My oldest granddaughter is graduating today from high school. I can not wait to see her walk across the stage. My family plans to shower her with all the love. We have family coming in from the east coast to the Mississippi gulf coast. Fuel storages and anything else that may be throw at us will not stop us from showering her with love. I will like to congratulate all the people who are graduating and who will graduate and their parents. Do you have someone graduating, and if so, how do you plan to celebrate? 

What’s on your mind? My mind is so full of celebrating with family. It has been a long time since we all have been together. I can not wait for everyone to get here so the fun can start.

Grab something to drink, and I will see you in a few in the craft room.



Crafting Steps

    Today we will be making my granddaughter’s graduation card. I want this card to be a kind of card with my granddaughter in mind. I love the graduation cap card, but this needs to be unique. 


Purple, white, and cream card stock

Two sheets of designer card stock

Different sizes of flower stamp and dies


A sentiment


  1. Take the 8 1/2′ by 11′ purple card stock down to 5′ by 7′. 
  2. Take the different flower stamps and stamp and color them.
  3. Cut the flowers out.
  4. Arrange the flowers to make a cut bouquet.
  5. Attach the arrangement to the card base.
  6. Stamp sentiment and attach.
  7. Cut a piece of white card stock for the inside.
  8. Stamp a rose on the inside.

Here how it turned out:


Word of the Day

      The word of today is celebrating. Take time to celebrate with family. We can always find time to celebrate. We need to celebrate and laugh with each other. I did not realize how much it lifts one’s spirit. I felt so hopeful afterward. The Covid virus killed people and left the living with hurt or dead spirits. It is time to wake up our spirits, and celebrating is a good way. It is time to Closeout this blog, and thanks for dropping in. Let’s get wild and celebrate. Be safe and find time to craft and create!




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