One Fold Four Different Cards

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    Welcome to Highlight Monday! I hope your weekend was good. My weekend turned out great. My father came to my granddaughter’s graduation, and that was a blessing in itself. My father is slowing down, but he looked great. He was his old funny self, telling jokes and just kept us laughing. It was a blessing to see my granddaughter walk across that stage. Today I will be highlighting a card fold that doesn’t require any special tools or any measuring. But you can use this card fold to make four different cards. If you would like to see how I use one card fold to make five cards, grab something to drink and meet me in the craft room, and I will show you how.

Crafting Steps

     I will first tell you how to make the fold.. Then I will show you how that fold can make four different cards. The four cards will be a pop-up easel, an easel card, a Z fold card, a Standup Z card. Let’s start with the basic fold.
You will need a piece of 8 1/2′ by 11′ card stock cut in half. I will be using white card stock. I will fold in half and then fold one half in half. Your card base will look like this:

To make an easel card decorate the fold and put an embellishment to make it stand up. Here is an example of an easel card:

To make the pop-up easel, you use the same fold, but you cut a piece of card stock the same size as the card base and attach it to the front fold. Here is an example of a pop-up easel card:

To make the Z card, you will fold the card base in half. Then fold the half backward and, it will make a Z. Then it is ready to decorate. It will look like this:

To make a standup Z card, you cut two inches off the bottom and attach it back on the bottom. The way you attach the strip to the bottom is to flip the cut-off strip over. The long side of the strip will go on the left side and the short to the right side. Just decorate the card base. Here is how it looks:


Word of the Day

       Since I made four cards, I will not have a word of the day in this post. I wish that you all be safe and find time to craft and create.






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